About Burt Crapo

Burt CrapoAs long as he can remember Burt has owned a camera of one type or another. Starting as a young boy with a camera that used 126 B&W roll film he has owned a Kodak Instamatic, and a GAF 110 pocket camera among others. Burt bought his first 35mm camera as a young Airman in the US Air Force stationed in what was then West Germany back in 1979; a Pentax ME with 3 lenses (a set which he still has today).

In 1999 Burt decided he really enjoyed photography and began to get serious. First purchasing a used Nikon FE2, then a new Nikon F100 and more recently acquiring a Nikon D200. He has taken the art very seriously. Burt’s primary job of being a Navy meteorologist has afforded him travel opportunities that he takes advantage of with his cameras, gear and tripod in tow.

For Burt, the best thing about photographing the natural world is that it changes constantly providing an endless supply of subject material. Much of this material is often overlooked because of its size, location or familiarity. Photographing that which we look at everyday but don't see is a challenge and is one he enjoys.  Another challenge he strives to meet in his work is photographing the natural world in a manner that the viewer feels as if they are the first to view the scene.

Burt has displayed his work in Borders bookstores in Monterey, CA, had a gallery show at the Skyline Art Gallery in Pacific Grove, CA and been the subject of a full-page article written in the Monterey Herald. He has his work posted on several international art web sites to include Sane Society, jamuse (he was invited to be an Advisory Board member) and the Saatchi Gallery in London.  Recently he was invited to display his work on the Behance Network.

He has written and taught a course in photography fundamentals and is currently developing a course in macro photography as well as more advanced topics. Burt is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and has studied photography under Doug Steakley (2003 Sierra Club Ansel Adams Awardee and Grand Prize winner of 2008 National Geographic Photo Contest) in his workshops held in Yosemite and Carmel.

A true advocate for the preservation of the outdoors Burt is a member of the Sierra Club and a supporter of the Defenders of Wildlife, the American Hiking Society and the Yosemite Fund.  He is also a member of the North American Nature Photographers Association.