Stock Photography

WBP Stock Photography

Walking Bear Photography (WPB) has two sock photography sites we use. Each has its own benefits and applications and we encourage buyers to try each. One site is jamuse for which the owner of WBP is an Advisory Member and the other is Photoshelter. The owner of WBP was invited by each site to display his work based on review of his work on other international art sites such as Sane Society, FigDig, Zone Zero and the Saatchi Gallery.
Rights Managed Stock Photography
WBP does not offer its images on a Royalty Free basis. All images are available as Rights Managed. This is best for the customer as well as WBP and the industry. Images are offered on the following bases:
One Time Use – This is for magazines or other publications where the image is going to be used for a limited amount of time before the next printing occurs. The fee for this is based on periodicity, placement, image format (JPEG vs. TIFF) and circulation. The minimum amount of time for restricted use is one month. The max is three months. Longer periods can be negotiated.
Industry Exclusive – This usage is for those companies wishing to use an image for an advertising campaign, post cards, greeting cards, puzzles and other items which will be in print for longer periods of time and not have any other industry/company license the image for similar purposes. The fee for this is based on image size, resolution needed, image format (JPEG vs. TIFF), length of print run, and level of circulation (international, national, regional or local). The minimum time for this usage is six moths and the maximum is one year.
Exclusive – This usage right entitles the buyer to use the image for any application without fear of the image being used by any other competitor or industry. The usage fee is based on image resolution, image format (JPEG vs. TIFF) and length of time needed. The minimum time for this usage is one month and the maximum usage time is one year.
Photo Prints – Photo prints for office wall treatments are available through our regular ordering process located under the Order Prints link or our Order Limited Editions link on our web site. Exclusivity is not applicable to our prints.
Viewing Stock Photography
Viewing our selection of stock photos can be accomplished on either site link. The jamuse site offers the ability to not only review photos but to make comments on the photo itself so the image can be tailored to your specific need. There is no extra charge for tailoring a photo if the tailoring is a matter of cropping the image or bringing out a feature (dodging or burning to highlight). Any other work to the image above the use of these techniques will incur a fee of $50.00 per hour for a minimum of 1 hour of time. Extreme alteration of an image may be refused or require the user buy that particular altered image outright.
Ordering Stock Photography
All ordering will be done via these two web sites and payment is to be made via PayPal account. Payment must be received prior to shipping or transmission of the image.
Image Resolution Options
Pricing is based partially on the desired resolution of the image. The standards are 96 dpi for Web and newspaper usage and 300 dpi for print usage. If there is to be text on the image the resolution will be 400 dpi. All images will be sized at a minimum physical size of 8” x 12”. Larger sizes are available upon request.
Images will generally be in JPEG format at the highest quality setting (this is setting 12). Images are available in TIFF format for an additional cost.
Image Delivery
JPEG Images up to 4 MB in size can be sent via e-mail. Please advise if your e-mail system does not allow 4 MB files to be received. Larger JPEG images and all TIFF formats will be sent by FEDEX or UPS Next Day service on a CD. Shipping will be next business day upon receipt of payment.
Walking Bear Photography, LLC retains all copyrights to all images on its web sites to include jamuse and Photoshelter. As such WBP requires each image to be published with Copyright Walking Bear Photography, LLC, or ÓWalking Bear Photography, LLC.
WBP is only licensing the right to use its images for publication. WBP reserves the right to refuse to license any of its images if, in the judgment of WBP, the use involves any application or publication that would be offensive to the general public.


The terms for use of WBP images are regularly reviewed and updated based on current industry practices. They are subject to change at any time without notice. Changes in terms will not affect current commitments to customers until the end of the commitment is reached.